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The quit run Marathon on smoking for more information: www.quitrunmartathon.org


Today International Center:

One of the centers operating in making and organizing the events with the Libyan Olympic Committee, the World Health Organization (WHO), the UNESCO and Assunbla International club for Friendship and Peace the Libyan Association for the safe Childhood and the societies of the handicapped in working for development of the society and contributing in the environment, health, sports and cultural awareness.

The founder of the objectives of this center is Mr. Ali Arrgebi in 1987 to contribute in developing the community. This center works in organizing the events pertaining to health, environment sports and culture.

Center objectives:

þ                    *  Providing the proposals and ideas pertaining to development.

þ                    * Organizing the sports programs, events and forums aiming to upgrading the cultural, social, health and environmental awareness.

þ                    * Contributing in enlightening the children in collaboration with the societies and centers concerned with health and environment about the danger of smoking, drugs and harmful lesions.

þ                    * Contributing in sponsoring the outstanding persons and inventors in collaboration with the clubs and societies in all scientific, cultural and sports fields.

þ                    * Organizing the promotional campaigns for the consolidators of the community development campaigns.

* Designing the logos, internet pages and training of children on the state of the art technology.




The  sea coast and bottom cleaning campaign. 





The international forum on developing the handicapped in the occasion of the international day for the disabled.




River Rally..........